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Snyder Megatainer



• UN/D.O.T. certified (UN 31H1 / HM-181E)
• 4-way forklift and 4 way pallet jack access base
• 2″ bottom drain valve
• 6″ fill cap opening with security tether
• Molded in gallonage markers
• FDA approved polyethylene resin
• Stacking capacity 2-3 high depending on container size, weight, and temperature exposure


• Top-lifting lugs allow the use of crane-hook attachments.
• Cleaning head assembly
• Cone Bottom with 2 or 3” ball valve
• Sanitary valve and fitting connections
• Anti-teeter bars
• Pressure & vacuum relief devices, draw tubes closures, hose assemblies,
• alternative gaskets and valve materials
• Heavy weight design available up to 62 lbs. (428 kpa) test pressure rating

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